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How to strengthen a motorcycle?

How to strengthen a motorcycle?

Usually all motorcyclists who are interested in motorcycles are looking to increase the power and speed of motorcycles. It should be noted that driving at high speeds requires driving skills and understanding and observing safety and technical issues. In this article, we want to answer the question of how to strengthen a motorcycle. We recommend that you first seek certification and driving skills. Then, using safety tips and using safety equipment, use these methods to strengthen the motorcycle.

The air filter for motorcycles acts like a six for humans. The function of the air filter is to prevent dust and other particles from entering the combustion chamber of the motorcycle. As important as the quality and purity of gasoline is, so is the proper combination of fuel and air.

If the carburetor does not combine air and gasoline well and the air-gasoline ratio is not appropriate; Fuel flash point is reduced. As a result, this causes an explosion in the weak cylinder chamber and reduces power and torque.

The better the air filter works to purify the air entering from the existing dust, the higher the quality of the resulting fuel. This reduces the amount of air passing through the filter when the air filter is dirty. This changes the composition of the air and gasoline.

It is always recommended to clean the filters every 5000 km by immersing them in gasoline. Also clean the carburetor every 12,000 km. Of course, to keep the carburetor clean, it is better to use a standard and grade paper filter before the gasoline enters the carburetor.

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