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Why is it cheap to buy a motorcycle?

Why is it cheap to buy a motorcycle?

Clearly, pocket power, and obviously money, determines whether a person buys a motorcycle or a car. Of course, we do not mean expensive engines, because the story of buying them is different; But the same ordinary engines that work at the courier of restaurants, courier establishments, or around the traffic plan area are all economical engines used to make a living. In fact, the motorcycle should be mentioned as a cheap and unpretentious tool that plays the role of a white and fast horse for its riders. Given that the cost of buying a motorcycle, the cost of maintenance, the cost of fuel, and the cost of civil liability insurance are normally cheaper than a car, it is a suitable vehicle for many sections of society with limited and low incomes.

The law of traffic on inner and outer roads is not different for any car. Each vehicle may be subject to separate rules depending on its specific nature, but the general rule is the same for each motor vehicle. Therefore, no motorcyclist can and should not assume that the traffic law was not written for him. Respect for traffic lights, observance of the right of way in traffic, non-stop on pedestrian lanes, non-entry into prohibited entrances, observance of speed and overtaking and safety of motor lights for night movement are just some of the rules that Every motorcycle must follow without question. Never assume that these rules are only for four-wheelers. These rules apply jointly to each motor vehicle. In addition to complying with these rules, every motorcyclist must use a helmet, must not ride a single wheel, must not have more than normal and normal riders and riders, must not carry loads, must not damage the license plate, must not cross sidewalks It should not make extra noise and many other things should be observed in order not to be fined and to be recognized as a lawful motorcyclist.

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